Arens Rohrleitungsbau supports customers in the industry competently and reliably in the fields of plant engineering, pipework construction, welding procedures, installations and repairs.


As plant and pipework engineers, we stand for quality awareness, transparent and fair quotations, and observance to schedules in long-term, supportive customer relationships.

  • Pipework construction for high operating pressures (up to 1000 bar) and large wall thicknesses (up to 25 mm)Auf diesem Bild werden diverse Rohrleitungen dargestellt.
  • plastic pipework constructions
  • Machinery, containers, pressure vessels, boilers
  • feed devices and processing plants
  • Moulded parts and steel constructions
  • plant engineering and plant technology


When it comes to welding procedures we have far-reaching industry-specific expertise to reliably meet the high demands of our customers in various industry sectors:

  • Welding procedures: Orbital, WIG, MAG, MIG, flux-shielded arc welding and autogenous
  •  Annealing of weld seams
  •  Carrying out pressure and tightness tests
  •  Processing special materials


When carrying out installation, assembly and repair we are a flexible service provider that meets deadlines, with a keen sense for customer satisfaction:

  •  Machine installation and assembly of factory plant
  • Repairs to pipes, tanks, containers, etc.
  • Flare stack renovation, e.g. on flare stacks and towers