Arens Rohrleitungsbau has its own fully automated orbital welding plant, with which pipe and pipework systems are welded in the range of  DN6 / 10.2 mm to DN 150 / ø 168.3 mm with a wall thickness of maximum t: 3.0 mm, fully automatically and with a consistently high seam quality. Other processes can be worked out and documented specifically for the customer.

For our customers in the food industry, colour and paint industry, as well as the petrochemical industry, this process is used when consistently high seam quality without root protrusion is required.

Orbital welding (142) is a WIG welding process, and we carry it out exclusively without filler materials. It is a fully mechanised process, i.e. the arc is carried out mechanically and moves without interruption around the pipes to be joined. These are inserted into welding tongs that have to be adapted to the diameter of the part. The compact welding tongs filled with inert gas completely surround the pipes so that the exterior weld seam is protected from oxidation. A similar formation is necessary from within. Adapted tongs have to be used for each external diameter. Due to the geometry of the tongs only parts with the same external diameter can be joined. The compactness of the tongs enables joining in a small space. The free programming of the parameters enables smooth and very clean weld seams to be produced.

At Arens Rohrleitungsbau, particular attention is paid to specialist qualifications and continuous training of staff with regard to these demanding welding procedures.

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