A primary welding procedure that takes place all the time at Arens Rohrleitungsbau is WIG welding (141). A variety of our own welding equipment is available for high-quality flexible and low-cost execution of customer orders. The performance range of WIG welding is unlimited: We weld pipes from DN 6 / 10.2 mm to DN 1000 / 1,020.0 mm with wall thicknesses of 1.0 mm to wall thicknesses of  30.0 mm. For materials we have certificates for many groups of materials in black and white.

Wolfram inert gas welding (WIG welding) is a fusion welding procedure. No material is removed with this procedure, but the two pieces of the part that are to be joined are heated up until the material liquefies and blends. After solidifying the two parts are firmly connected. Depending on the welding task, the welder can also use filler materials for the connection. Due to the relatively low heat input the weld delay is lower than for other procedures.

Due to the high quality of the weld seams produced by the WIG procedure, this is the one we prefer to use, particularly where there are high quality requirements for the pipework systems to be erected. All welders we deploy hold a valid welding qualification.

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